Falcon 900 EX (with winglets) Mahogany Wood Desktop Model
Falcon 900 EX (with winglets) Mahogany Wood Desktop Model
Falcon 900 EX (with winglets) Mahogany Wood Desktop Model

Falcon 900 EX (with winglets) Mahogany Wood Desktop Model

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DA62 Diamond Mahogany Wood Desktop Model


Length: 16-18 inches
Wingspan: 16-18 inches
Height: 3-4 inches
Height with stand: 6-7 inches
* Dimensions may vary depending on the model.


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The Diamond DA62 is a five- to seven-seat, twin-engine light aircraft produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries and first announced in March 2012.[4][5][6]

The prototype, designated as the DA52, first flew on 3 April 2012 after six months of development.[5][7] In June 2014 it was announced the production aircraft would be designated the DA62..

The DA62 development team is headed by Diamond managing director Manfred Zipper. It is based upon the fuselage of the single-engine Diamond DA50, but with two Austro AE300 Diesel engines burning Jet A fuel. Company CEO Christian Dries indicated that the engines may be replaced with turboprops.[4][7]

In flying the prototype from Diamond's Wiener Neustadt plant to the 2012 AERO Friedrichshafen aviation trade show, the aircraft achieved 16.6 mpg (14.2 litres/100 km) fuel efficiency, the result of improvements in cooling drag and aerodynamic drag made during its development.

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