Lighthouse Lantern Rounded 5 Side Oil Lamp
Lighthouse Lantern Rounded 5 Side Oil Lamp

Lighthouse Lantern Rounded 5 Side Oil Lamp

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Lighthouse Lantern Rounded 5 Side Oil Lamp

Measurements: 13.25"

SKU BR 15294


The classic lighthouse lamp used in lighthouses all over the world to light the way and guard harbors and dangerous rocks for ships at night.

Our Lighthouse Lantern is made of hand machined medium gauge brass with five (5) heavy glass "Fresnel" style lenses that magnify the light from the oil lamp inside so that it is visible for many nautical miles. Therefore the rotating lighthouse beacon could be seen far out to sea to guide mariners safely home.

This lamp was lit and placed inside of the large rotating "Fresnel" lens that then became the beacon light for the lighthouse. These lanterns would burn for up to 6 hours before refilling.


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