Wooden Canoe Book Shelf
Wooden Canoe Book Shelf
Wooden Canoe Book Shelf
Wooden Canoe Book Shelf
Wooden Canoe Book Shelf
Wooden Canoe Book Shelf
Wooden Canoe Book Shelf
Wooden Canoe Book Shelf

Wooden Canoe Book Shelf

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Wooden Canoe Book Shelf


Measures:L: 90 W: 31 H: 20.5 Inches

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Same amazing handmade quality, but with a unique matte finish that adds extra depth and dimension to this particular canoe. A wonderful display piece, you will certainly admire the finish, the character of the Canadian red cedar and the attention to detail that went into making this boat.

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We truly do offer everything canoe! To house precious mementos, books, photographs, whatever you desire, this canoe bookshelf is crafted just as every other piece we carry.

Rich, hand chosen top graded Canadian western red cedar strips give this bookshelf a unique and vibrant look. American Beech hardwood affords the perfect accent to really make this piece stand out.

As this is finished with the same fiberglass resin as on our water crafts, this canoe bookshelf appears smooth, glossy and luxurious.

Shelves Dimension:
1st Shelf: 13.25"L x 14"D x 8"H inches
2nd Shelf: 16.5"L x 12.5"D x 11"H inches
3rd Shelf: 22"L x 11"D x 13"H inches
4th Shelf: 26.25"L x 11"D x 14"H inches
5th Shelf: 29"L x 11"D x 16"H inches

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