5 Tips on How to Select the Best Flying Wood Airplanes

5 Tips on How to Select the Best Flying Wood Airplane Model

Flying a wood aeroplane sure is enjoyable for both newbies and pros.

However, you need the best model for a truly fantastic experience on each flight. Meaning you should find a kit that is suitable for your preferences, needs, and skill level.

That's why following these quick tips will help you select and buy the best wood airplanes.

1. Think of the Wood Airplane Appearance

Begin by thinking about the appearance of your plane model. Its looks can significantly help you choose the type of kit to buy.

For example, suppose you want a replica of the P-51 Mustang from World War II. Look through historical aircraft model kits, and you sure can find one you'd love.

There are other airplane designs to choose from, too, like fictional, simple-looking, customizable, and other kits.

2. Pay Attention to the Kit Material Composition

Material compositions of a kit can significantly affect your overall experience of a flying airplane model. It's because the material affects the model's aero-performance, strength, and durability.

While plane model kits come mainly in plastic and wood, wood is a favorite amongst aeromodelling enthusiasts for its lightweight and durability.

That's why balsa wood airplane kits are so popular. Balsa wood is one of the lightest but super-durable commercially available wood.

3. Select the right Power Source

The power source directly impacts your model airplane flying experience and affects the cost of each flight.

Here are three of the most common power sources available for plane models:

a) Rubber-Powered Models

The rubber-powered airplane model is the cheapest option available today. You only need to set the unit’s rubber component properly to create friction during takeoffs and landings. It’s this friction that leads to the accumulation of electrical energy the plane uses to fly.

b) Electric-Powered Units

Kits with electric batteries feature lithium-ion batteries that you can recharge to prepare for a flight.

Battery-powered plane models usually perform better than other units and are noticeably quieter.

c) Gas-Powered Airplane Models

These are units that either use compressed gas or internal combustion engines as their power sources. The gas gives the plane model a stellar aero-performance, but they are usually noisier than electric models.

Moreover, remember to be careful when handling these aircraft models. There is the risk of gas leaks and chemical poisoning, which is why you should never let a child use a gas-powered wood airplane.

4. Pick Your Ideal Control Mechanism

In general, wood aircraft models come in three different controlling mechanisms which create a significantly different flying experience for you.

a) Free-Flight Airplane Models

The free-flight models are usually wood aircraft models which you let go of after launch. You have no control on them when in the air, but that is part of the thrill.

b) Control-Line Plane Models

Next are the control-line models which you control using a few long wires. However, this isn't a flexible flying option because the wood plane can fly as far away as the wires permit.

c) Radio-Controlled Aircraft Models

Radio-contorlled aircraft models are the favourites amongst aeromodelling enthusiasts. They provide you with enough control on the plane model.

It also provides with optimal flexibility that can boost the wood plane’s performance and manoeuvrability.

5. Gauge Your Skill Level

Make sure to purchase an airplane model within your skill level, which you can comfortably assemble, fly and control. After all, it's frustrating to buy a kit that you cannot assemble or that is too difficult for you to handle and fly.

That's why it is better to check some reviews or videos about a few kits first before buying. You could also consider replica, scale, and simple models. They often help you decide how easily and quickly you can assemble a kit.

Replica and scale plane models are relatively harder to complete. On the other hand, simple models are easy to finish and improvise.

Of course, you also need to consider your skill level in flying a wood aircraft model before buying. There are flying units that are hard to control, while some come with superb remote control mechanisms. Buy a model you are most comfortable handling for an optimal flying experience.

Pick the Best Flying Wood Aircraft and Enjoy Each Flight!

There you go. These quick and simple five tips can help you select the best wood airplanes to buy!

 That means having a kit that suits you and one that would let you have a terrific time while flying the plane model.