C-21A Learjet

C-21A Learjet

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C-21A Learjet

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Length 12 Wingspan 9.8 Height 16 Weight 4.00

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The C-21A is a militarized version of the business plane Learjet 35A. Officially rolled out in April 1984, the C-21A was primarily used for cargo and passenger transport but it sometimes flew medical missions. By 1997, the C-21 was designated under Air Mobility Command, particularly through the 375th Airlift Wing.

The plane was powered by two Garrett TFE-731-2-2B turbofan engines. It had a maximum speed of 530mph (Mach 0.81), a top range of 2,306 miles, and a ceiling of 45,000ft. Other features of the Learjet C-21 are its retractable tri-leg landing gear, a steerable nose system, and hydraulic brakes. The plane is also given an automatic navigation system, color weather radar, and high-frequency radios just to pile in the toys. The C-21 was last estimated to cost around $3.1m. Many associate the Learjet to the globetrotting rich and famous, but this aircraft is more than just a mode of transportation for jetsetters.

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