GA7 Cougar Gulfstream Mahogany Wood Desktop Airplane Model

GA7 Cougar Gulfstream Mahogany Wood Desktop Airplane Model

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GA7 Cougar Gulfstream Mahogany Wood Desktop Airplane Model


Length: 16-18 inches
Wingspan: 16-18 inches
Height: 3-4 inches
Height with stand: 6-7 inches
* Dimensions may vary depending on the model.

We offer over 1,000 aircraft model designs, from military aircraft models to civilian plane replicas. Each of our desktop models is prudently hand-carved out of mahogany wood by our seasoned model builders to bring a faithful scale reproduction of your favorite aircraft. More than mere displays, these models are a reflection of the times, and occasionally, of the personality of their owners. More importantly, they serve as family treasures that could be passed on to the younger generations. You will surely appreciate the craftsmanship and history behind our models.

Each model is beautifully handcrafted out of reclaimed Mahogany Wood. Each piece is crafted with intense detail and finished with three coats of polyurethane coating that gives it a high gloss finish. If you are a collector or simply want a fine art piece this mahogany model is sure to enhance your home or office.


* Handcrafted by a series of master craftsmen using only the highest grade materials

* Each product is identical to the plane's or automobile’s original blueprint

* Truly a fusion of art and history, a museum quality masterpiece unmatched by another model producing company on earth

* The perfect gift for any aviation enthusiast, history buff, military personnel, Automobile enthusiast, or collector.


Our models are handcrafted out of reclaimed mahogany wood. We use left over wood from the furniture manufacturing industry. No trees are purposely cut for our wooden models. Our wooden desktop models are not always made to a specific scale. They are made so that you can easily fit and display them on your desk or bookcase. Our crafters are highly skilled artists that take great care in making our beautiful replicas to perfection. Since our mahogany wooden models are handcrafted items no two are alike and therefore they are imperfect by nature. Color variations from model to model may vary and we can not guarantee that the color consistency will always be the same. We ship the wooden model pieces semi-assembled. Some simple final assembly may be required. The wings for the airplanes and the blades for the helicopters will have to be plugged in but no glue is required. We guarantee all of our wooden desktop models and if for any reason you are not 100% happy with the wood model you receive let us know and we will send you a replacement right away.


IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE: This model is made to order and takes 10-12 weeks from production to shipping it to you. Once the model is finished we will update your order with tracking. Please allow up to 8 weeks after we update you before the tracking will work as the model will first be transferred to our shop for inspection and repacking before we ship it to you


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This GA7 Cougar Gulfstream is beautifully handcrafted out of reclaimed Mahogany Wood. Each piece is crafted with intense detail and finished with three coats of polyurethane coating that gives it a high gloss finish. This fine work of art takes approximately 18 hours of labor to create. If you are a collector or simply want a fine art piece this mahogany model is sure to enhance your home or office.

The Gulfstream American GA7 Cougar is an American all-metal, 4-seat, twin-engined light aircraft. The Cougar was a twin-engine development of the Gulfstream American AA-5B Tiger and traces its lineage to the AA-1 Yankee Clipper and the Bede BD-1.

As a development of the company's single-engined designs, Grumman American developed a twin-engined version, designated the GA-7 which it named the Cougar, in keeping with the existing Lynx, Cheetah and Tiger names for aircraft in the company's line. The prototype Cougar with two 160 hp (119 kW) Lycoming O-320 engines first flew on the 29 December 1974. The prototype had a sliding canopy but this was soon changed to a starboard side door on the production aircraft. With other rework required the production prototype did not fly until 14 January 1977.[2]

Before production started the company was taken over on 1 September 1978 by American Jet Industries, who changed the company name to Gulfstream American.[1] Production of the Cougar ran for only two model years, 1978 and 1979, before production was halted. Just 115 Cougars were delivered.[3][4]

In 1995 the type certificate for the GA-7 was sold to SOCATA of France who intended to produce the aircraft as the TB 320 Tangara for the training market.[5] It was also to develop a variant with two Lycoming O-360-A1G6 engines of 180 hp (134 kW) each and a re-designed cockpit, it was designated the TB 360. The first Tangara was a modified Cougar, had 160 hp (119 kW) engines and first flew in mid-1996. The complete Tangara prototype was also a converted Cougar and had the 180 hp (134 kW) engines. It first flew in February 1997. After delays in getting the type certified SOCATA announced at the end of 1999 that it had delayed indefinitely plans to certify the type.


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