PT-17 Yellow Peril Model Custom Made for you
PT-17 Yellow Peril Model Custom Made for you
PT-17 Yellow Peril Model Custom Made for you
PT-17 Yellow Peril Model Custom Made for you
PT-17 Yellow Peril Model Custom Made for you
PT-17 Yellow Peril Model Custom Made for you

PT-17 Yellow Peril Model Custom Made for you

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PT-17 Yellow Peril Model Custom Made for you

This Handmade painted Model usually ships within 10-12 weeks.



* Full customization option for the model and the plaque and stand is included with your order.
* All Helicopters and Airplanes are made with the longest dimension measuring 16 inches and the rest of the aircraft proportionate to scale. i.e. When an aircraft has a wider wingspan then we will make the wingspan 16 inches and the rest of the aircraft based on the proportionate scale.
* Vehicles including military, trucks, motorcycles and automobiles will be 12 inches long
* We use woods, resin and other materials for small parts
* All models are hand painted based on your images.
* For aviation models we include a custom plaque with your information that can include emblems, logos and custom wording.


For an additional fee of $300 The airplane models can also be fabricated clear canopy with a custom interior. LED Lighting options, Landing gear and cross sectionals can also be fabricated from 12 inches to 12 feet and larger. Custom Ship Models, Yacht models, Car Models and even large sculptures can be fabricated in any configuration. Aircraft Models are NOT the only models we build. We also build Jet Engine Models, Equipment models, Ship Models, Machinery, Automotive and more. The more information, blueprints and photos provided, the more accurate we can fabricate the model.


* Click on this link and place your order.
* After you place your order send us a message with your specs. Tell us how you want to customize your model.
* Send us images that will help us recreate your special order.
* We will then follow up with you and request any additional information we may need to capture all important details.
* Please allow us 10-12 weeks for us to ship most models. In some cases it may take longer and we will discuss this once we have your order.


* Handcrafted by a series of master craftsmen using only the highest grade materials
* Each product is identical to the plane's or automobile’s original blueprint
* Truly a fusion of art and history, a museum quality masterpiece unmatched by another model producing company on earth
* The perfect gift for any aviation enthusiast, history buff, military personnel, Automobile enthusiast, or collector.


Shipping costs for all International orders are estimated. Your order may charge a minimum of $60.00 by default but we will send you a quote upon receiving your order if the cost is higher. In the event that the shipping costs are higher we will invoice you once you have approved the quote. We are NOT responsible for any additional fees that may be incurred by Customs at destination. We urge you to check with your local postal service in your respective country. In the event you do not claim your merchandise and it is returned you will be responsible for the shipping costs and restocking fees and any additional fees incurred while the merchandise gets returned. Please do provide us with a good phone number when you place your international orders in order to include it in the shipping documents.


We thank you for taking the time to view our craft. We are blessed by customers like you who support our small business. From the Master Craftsmen and women that pick the wood and create the wonderful models you see to the people that make it possible for you to view our items on the web. We are grateful and we THANK YOU!. God bless you.